"Blosser Lighting transformed our remodeled open-kitchen area into a warm and beautiful room; a night and day difference. We were unprepared for the possibililties of programmed home lighting. What a new beginning. The new possibilities lighting has given our home has been a constant reminder for us to check their ideas before moving on to additional remodeling. The work ethic and professionalism of everyone associated with Blosser Lighting has made remodeling a pleasant experience."

Chuck and Betsy

"Choosing Blosser Lighting as our electrical contractors proved absolutely essential in the successful completion of our new log home. They are far more than just electrical contractors; they are lighting designers. Their special knowledge, capabilities and attention to detail were unmatched by any other electrical contractor organization and the end result proved it. In addition, their service and assistance after the fact has been most impressive. Simply put, we can offer our highest recommendation for Phil Blosser and his able team of expert electricians."

Bill and Ginny